The goal of STOQ LLC. is to build a philosophical bridge between science and theology in such a way as to make a real contribution to confronting the urgent issues of our day.

STOQ LLC’s values grow from Pope John Paul II’s commentary on the requirements of a new school; a renewed dialogue between the natural sciences, philosophy, and theology. Pope Benedict XVI speaks of the necessity of integrating reason and faith in such a way that reason does not pretend to be absolute creating oppression rather than freedom for humanity, and that faith does not succumb to superstition.

Our society is increasing being dominated by science and technology. We feel that the human being is often considered an assembly of parts and elements that can be cut and pasted, rather than a biological organism and a person of spiritual worth. The critical rendering of these results and the necessity of providing our society with a deeper understanding of this situation is an immense and urgent task that STOQ LLC. will address.