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Science, Theology, and Ontological Quest

The STOQ Foundation is focused on understanding the impact that science has on society, culture, and faith.  By bringing together leaders in the sciences of health, environment, and economics to intersect with the leaders in religion, government, and culture, we can help make a significant impact on society.

#UniteToCure Event
#UniteToCure Event

STOQ, LLC (The STOQ Foundation) began as the United States arm of the STOQ Project in Rome. The Roman progenitor was coordinated by the Pontifical Council for Culture in the Vatican and was initially supported by grants from the John Templeton Foundation. In 2003, the project was established in three universities in Italy and successively extended to another four universities. STOQ was geared towards students, scientists, philosophers, theologians, and others interested in exploring the intersection of faith and being without renouncing scientific progress.


The STOQ Foundation, based in the United States, is expanding this vision to include stakeholders in political sciences, economic sciences, environmental sciences, and health sciences as well as religious and cultural leaders from all religions and disciplines.

#UniteToCure Event
#UniteToCure Event

Our Mission

The STOQ Foundation's mission is to inspire powerful conversations across all major religions, cultures, economies, and borders to build bridges between the systematic and social differences that divide us by enhancing collaboration and multidisciplinary approaches to solving problems and improving humanity.

Our mission includes:

  1. Hosting events where conversations can inspire actions for building bridges in  society.

  2. Providing a platform where leaders can collaborate to develop projects that advance society.

  3. Becoming a resource of educational content that shows how the sciences, faiths, and cultures can function harmoniously in the world.

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