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About us

About us

http://yeasersyed.com/property/sadm01/?lang=en The goal of STOQ LLC. is to build a philosophical bridge between science and theology in such a way as to make a real contribution to confronting the urgent issues of our day.

cheap prednisone for dogs STOQ LLC’s values grow from Pope John Paul II’s commentary on the requirements of a new school; a renewed dialogue between the natural sciences, philosophy, and theology. Pope Benedict XVI speaks of the necessity of integrating reason and faith in such a way that reason does not pretend to be absolute creating oppression rather than freedom for humanity, and that faith does not succumb to superstition.

Our society is increasing being dominated by science and technology. We feel that the human being is often considered an assembly of parts and elements that can be cut and pasted, rather than a biological organism and a person of spiritual worth. The critical rendering of these results and the necessity of providing our society with a deeper understanding of this situation is an immense and urgent task that STOQ LLC. will address.

The Organization

For many years the parent of STOQ LLC. was the STOQ Project in Rome. The Roman progenitor coordinated by the Pontifical Council for Culture under the guidance of Cardinal Paul Poupard first and Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi afterward, was initially supported by grants from the John Templeton Foundation. In 2003, the project was established in three universities in Italy and successively extended to another four universities. It was geared toward students, scientists, philosophers, theologians, and all those interested in exploring their faith and being without renouncing scientific progress. There were publications, seminars, courses etc. sponsored by the STOQ Project. In STOQ LLC. seeks to expand this vision to US universities and students.

Management Team

Our management team consists of the Board of Directors of STOQ LLC. In addition, the highest level of the Vatican, Cardinals Poupard and Ravasi, remain in close contact with the Board offering counsel and advocacy. Ultimately, the work will be divided among committees and the Executive Director may need to add staff to the management team as well as Board members representative of the United States of America’s leading academics, theologians and scientific community and, of course, the financial community.


STOQ LLC. seeks to become a new funding stream within the U.S. We seek to:

  • Fund researchers in the natural sciences
  • Establish a resource archive/library
  • Establish a network of leading institutions willing to address the fundamental questions of theology and science/technology
  • Provide an institutional “safe harbor” for theologians and scientists seeking the interdisciplinary dialogue necessary for breaking down generations of separation between these communities
  • Provide a forum to the public to document their concerns regarding the increasing pervasion of technology in society
  • Provide public discussion of relevant issues with leading experts in the theological and scientific/technological communities

STOQ LLC. is a non-profit organization aimed to help theologians, philosophers and scientists seeking an interdisciplinary dialogue focusing on the role of science and technology in the contemporary society. All religious denominations are welcome, as are researchers in the natural sciences who seek to affirm the necessity of maintaining religious convictions and the role of Faith for humanity. Conversely, scientific researchers who would actively dispute our research are also welcome to join. Additionally, participation is encouraged by corporations producing and implementing new technology. The quest is one of seeking the meaning of Being, the relevance of technology, and to advance scientific frontiers. Finally, when science ranges outside its bounds STOQ LLC. will offer a critique evaluation of science with the intent of insuring human dignity.

Keys to success
  • Vatican/Pontifical Council for Culture support
  • Pontifical University System
  • Real academic and societal need

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